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The key feature of the EnigMOD leg leash is an elastic band that allows the leg leash to expand and contract. The location of the elastic keeps the leash flexible without inhibiting a stiff draw. A 1/2" wide webbing allows for a more comfortable wear with tri-glides for easy installation and adjustment.

Yes. The leg leash comes pre-configured for right hand carry, where the elastic rides on the outside of your thigh. For left handed carry we recommend you reconfigure it to allow proper tension when drawing. The leash is reconfigured  by removing the 3 point slider and weaving it upside down. Please visit the manual for a video and more information.

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All goods produced by us carry a lifetime warranty, no questions asked on the workmanship of the product. We use quality materials; but please note that ALL textiles such as elastics & nylon will wear overtime with use and therefore are not covered by the warranty.

There have been a 2 cases of elastic prematurely fraying within a few uses. These failures are not catastrophic but definitely not something we think you should be satisfied with. If you think your elastic might have prematurely worn, please let us know so we can send you a replacement.

If you have a warranty question or need something replaced, don't hesitate to ask as we strive for 100% satisfaction. More information about our warranty can be found here.

Yes, so far we have shipped internationally to many countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa! Please send us a message with your address and the quantities of items you are looking to purchase; we can provide an invoice with an accurate shipping cost through the website. Shipping costs average $20.00 USD for USPS First Class International

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Sometimes there is a 2-3 day delay before USPS provides and acceptance scan on a package. Rest assured your package is on the way and we will make it right if there are any issues.

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USPS has experienced unprecedented delays. Delivery times of 4-7 days are not uncommon. Although extremely rare, USPS won't even consider a package "lost" until day 15.

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Occasionally we are asked about an additional vertical "double buckle" as seen on Reddit. While we don't really openly advertise or make them in large numbers we will typically accommodate you. You can find a link to purchase this add-on here.

If you need any other custom work such as a larger leash, we would be glad to help you. Please visit our contact page to reach out.

Yes! We offer a discount to our uniformed men & women. Documentation of service may be requested in order to quality. Please visit our MIL/LEO page for more information.

At the moment, we only collect sales tax to orders within the state of Florida.