Installing the EnigMOD

Adjusting the EnigMOD Leg Leash
Making Minor Adjustments to the EnigMOD Leg Leash


Configuring the EnigMOD for Left-Handed Carry

Assembling the EnigMOD Leg Leash 

Thank you for purchasing the EnigMOD leg leash!

The leash comes pre-configured for right-handed carry. Take note of how the webbing is woven through the hardware.

The leash will need some adjustment. Tension on the elastic will keep the leash in place. It is easiest to start with light tension and incrementally tighten the leash until you find the point where the leash no longer slips. You should have more than enough webbing; any excess can be cut with scissors and sealed with a lighter.

The vertical webbing can be adjusted for ride height. Typically, we recommend you wear the leash as high as possible, but your results may vary. To keep the leg leash from shifting during use; it's recommended you wear the leash with some slack on the vertical webbing.

You should plan to keep 1” of excess webbing through the tri-glides. Too little material may inhibit their  function. Remove excess webbing with scissors and seal to keep material clear of your rig.

The leash can be worn on the left or right leg. For left leg carry, the 3 point slider can be woven upside down so that the buckle/elastic rides on the outside of your leg. This ensures the elastic has minimal impact on your draw stroke and allows for one handed removal on your dominant side.

Additional Information:
  • Hand-wash & air dry your leash only. NO WASHER OR DRYER.
  • It's good practice to periodically check on the condition holster, rig, or leash when regularly fielding.


If you have any issues or suggestions, please feel free to reach out.