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Firearms require caution; especially when concealed carrying.

  • Always treat as loaded
  • Always point in a safe direction.
  • Always unload if left unattended (i.e. when stored on our hanger)

Improper use of our products can result in serious injury or death. Read, watch, and understand all provided product instruction prior to use. If you have any questions about their use, please don't hesitate to reach out here.

It is the purchasers/users duty to inspect gear before each use to ensure safe operation. If your item is broken, defective, please discontinue use and immediately contact us here.

Rego Concepts, LLC  is not responsible for any damages or injuries. We disclaim any and all liability or incidental or consequential damages to person(s) and/or property resulting from the use of any of our products. Upon purchase of Rego Concepts, LLC products; the purchaser and/or user assumes all liabilities and risks as to the performance and use of the product.

You can find our additional "Terms of Service" here.